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Mom Writer's Talk Radio Newsletter
March 2006

Hi everyone!

We have also begun our new Blog Tour program. Check out our blog for more information. We are still looking for bloggers and authors, so if you are interested, please let me know right away – spots are filling up fast.

As always, if you have any comments or suggestions you can always email us. Otherwise, get to writing and make it happen! J


Paula Schmitt and Alana Morales

Our Contest

We have decided to extend our contest to the end of March. We have also added a winner spot, so you now have a chance to win a copy of Grace Fox’s book 10 Minute Time Outs for Busy Women or Dr. Eileen Kennedy Moore's book What About Me?.

We want to know how you make time for writing.

Send in your methods to:

We will randomly pick two lucky winners whose names will be announced on our website on
March 31, 2006.

Good Luck and thanks for sharing!!

Our Authors This Month…

  • Elizabeth Pantley
  • Jill Murphy Long
  • Stephanie Gallagher
  • Letitia Wright
  • Patricia Morgan
  • Alesia Holliday

March 3, 2006

Elizabeth Pantley,

Latest Book – The No-Cry Sleep Solution for Toddlers and Preschoolers: Gentle Ways to Stop Bedtime Battles and Improve Your Child's Sleep


New from the bestselling author of the classic baby sleep guide!

Getting babies to sleep through the night is one thing; getting willful toddlers and energetic preschoolers to sleep is another problem altogether. Written to help sleep-deprived parents of children ages one to five, The No-Cry Sleep Solution for Toddlers and Preschoolers offers loving solutions to help this active age-group get the rest they – and their parents – so desperately need.

A follow-up to Elizabeth Pantley's megahit The No-Cry Sleep Solution, this breakthrough guide is written in Pantley's trademark gentle, child-centered style. Parents will discover a wellspring of positive approaches to help their children get to bed, stay in bed, and sleep all night, without having to resort to punishments or other negative and ineffective measures. The No-Cry Sleep Solution for Toddlers and Preschoolers tackles many common nighttime obstacles, including:

  • Refusals to go to bed
  • Night waking and early rising
  • Reluctance to move out of the crib and into a big-kid bed
  • Nighttime visits to the parents' bed
  • Naptime problems
  • Nightmares, "night terrors," and fears
  • Special sleep issues of twins, special needs children, and adopted children
  • Sleepwalking, sleep talking, snoring, and tooth grinding

Jill Murphy Long,

Latest book - Permission to Party


Probably the most pressing need for women today is to take a little time for themselves. Weighed down with the demands of dual careers, household responsibilities, child rearing, and marriage, today's busy woman lets her friendships suffer, and she never feels she has the time to nurture herself. Third in the Permission to... series, Permission to Party is a beautifully illustrated book that gives women permission to enjoy life to the fullest.

Permission to Party lets women know it's OK (and even necessary) to take care of themselves and also tells them how to carve the time out of a busy schedule. It then gives them a plethora of imaginative ideas and techniques to use.

This elegant, fun book includes ways to nurture relationships and foster self-expression by bringing people together for meals and celebrations in intimate settings or large groups, as well as how to create your own quiet or playful celebration rituals to mark either special occasions or accomplishments. Plus, Permission to Party includes simple recipes, aromatherapy tips, uplifting music recommendations, party themes, and party decorating ideas.

March 10, 2006

Latest Book – The Gallagher Guide to the Baby Years


Do you ever feel like you have more questions than your doctor has time to answer?

Do you want to do the right thing for your baby, but find yourself overwhelmed by all the conflicting advice?

Do you ever have so much to do, you feel like you'll never get through it all?

Let's face it. Having a new baby is overwhelming. There are so many decisions to make. And so little time to think about them.

And we're not just talking about breast vs. bottle. We're talking about:

  • picking the perfect

  • finding flattering maternity clothes

  • choosing the safest car seat

  • deciding what to bring to the hospital when you're ready to deliver – and who you want there with you

  • picking the right stroller

  • handling visitors when you first come home with the baby

  • deciding when to introduce solids

  • finding the right child care

  • dealing with nighttime wakings, pacifier habits, thumb-sucking, potty training, picky eaters, and much, much more.

The bottom line: You need help.

...Help that is unbiased

...Help that doesn't hinge on the hot product du jour or the latest parenting theory of the week

...Help that only has YOUR best interests at heart

March 17, 2006

Letitia Wright,

Dr Wright is the host of the Wright Place TV show, a talk show for women ages 25-55, with a bend towards women business owners.

Each week you'll discover what makes women entrepreneurs successful in business and in life!

It's a mini-seminar broadcast to 5.8 million homes on Television!

March 24, 2006

Patricia Morgan,

Latest Book – Love Her As She Is: Lessons from a Daughter Stolen by Addictions


Love Her As She Is was featured in a CBC television documentary and is recommended as a valuable resource for all parents and mental health professionals.

You will gain insight into the effects of a disturbing childhood, ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder), adoption, the world of drugs, and life on the street. Through the story of a mother struggling to connect with a distant and dual alcohol and cocaine-addicted daughter, you will discover how to love unconditionally while maintaining clear boundaries, develop healthy solution for connecting in challenging relationships and turn hope into loving action.

Love Her As She Is: Lessons from a Daughter Stolen by Addictions has supported and given direction to many people concerned with loved ones susceptible or challenged by addictions or other troubling circumstances. Purchase it to help the person who is hurting and seeking a way to love while maintaining clear limits.

March 31, 2006

Alesia Holliday,

Latest Book – Blondes Have More Felons


When a lawyer who’s smarter than she looks and more stubborn than anybody expects opens a solo practice in small town Florida, she takes on the big drug company that killed the wife of her first major client. In her fight for justice, she encounters a kleptomaniac pro bono client, an Armani-clad bullfighter best friend, a poker-champ neighbor who bakes cookies, and a P.I. so hot he makes her rethink her No Bad Boys Rule...but she never suspects she may wind up literally laughing herself to death.

Writing Tips of the Month

Have you found your voice? I mean, we all know you have a voice because you have kids, but what I mean is – have you found your writing voice? When you write, are you allowing your personality to come through? If not, you may be shortchanging not only your readers, but yourself. Try these tips to find your voice:

  1. Write and write often. You won’t be able to discover your voice unless you write. A lot. Whether you decide to keep a daily blog or spend 15 minutes writing about your day in a journal or even answer journaling prompts, you need to write to get your voice to start coming through.

  2. Read – a lot. Not only is it fun, but it’s educational too. Read authors who have styles that you like. When you read quality writing, it transfers to your own writing. If you find something you don’t like, read it anyway (if you can plow through it). This will teach you what you don’t want to sound like.

  3. Don’t be afraid to be you. Ignore your internal editor and just write – however it comes to you. Don’t worry about being politically correct. Just write.

  4. Try on different styles. Try writing like different authors you like and see what fits you best. This is not to say you should copy what they do exactly, but by “trying on” several different styles, you can see what fits.

If you'd like to share a writing tip of your own,
please email us at:

Three Sites For For Being a Writing Mom

Being a mom isn’t easy work – neither is being a writing mom. Here are a few sites to help you become the writer you want to be. If you have any suggestions, please email them to us at and we will post them on the blog. There is even a bonus site this month!!

  1. Write From Home

    This website has a wealth of information for new and seasoned writers.

  2. The Organized Writer

    If you are going to be a writing mom, you have to be organized. This site helps you get organized so you can maximize the time you do have to write.

  3. Literary Mama

    This is a very sophisticated site which coins itself as a “literary magazine for the maternally inclined.”

  4. Mom Writer’s Literary Magazine

    This quarterly literary magazine is written by moms for moms (and by one of our own moms – Paula Schmitt!).

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