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Mom Writer's Talk Radio Newsletter
February 2006

Welcome to the February issue of the Mom Writer’s Talk Radio Newsletter!

Wow, it’s hard to believe that we have already been on the air for three months! If you have been to the website, you know that we are already scheduled through June for guests, so we are really excited about the enthusiasm for the show.

We have a great line up this month. Make sure you check out this month’s contest, too.

Here’s to a productive writing month!


Paula Schmitt and Alana Morales

Our Contest

This month’s give away is for a copy of Grace Fox’s book 10 Minute Time Outs for Busy Women.

We want to know how you make time for writing.

Send in your methods to:

We will randomly pick one submission as our winner. We will also share ideas sent in on our weekly show and in the weekly newsletter.

The winner will be announced on our website on February 24, 2006.

Good Luck and thanks for sharing!

Our Authors This Month…

  • Marilynn Griffith
  • Laurie Copeland
  • Elizabeth Brundage
  • Deborah Ribis

February 3, 2006

Marilynn Griffith,

Latest Books – Made of Honor and Pink

Synopsis of Pink

High fashion meets romance in the Big Apple for a fresh, funky designer.

Raya Joseph wants to break free from the beige world around her and celebrate the color of the city. With a sassy pink style and a radical change of hair, she's off to conquer the design world. But it doesn't take long for Raya to meet her match – in style and flair. Flex Dunham, a personal trainer and one of Raya's clients, has got it going on.

As much as Raya would like to pursue a relationship with Flex, she has other matters on her mind – and on her heart. Then a blast from the past comes back to haunt her, and Raya can't help but wonder if she made the right decision in keeping her past a secret. Flex seems to be hiding something, too. But what?

Woven with humor, heartache, and hip friendships, Raya's new life has a lot of colorful threads. But will the end result be a beautiful design? Or will it fall apart at the seams? Join Raya and her friends Lily Chau, Jean Guerra, and Chenille Rizzo as they untangle the threads in the Shades of Style series.

February 10, 2006

Laurie Copeland,

Latest Book – The Groovy Chicks’ RoadtripTM To Peace


Just like life, The Groovy Chicks' RoadtripTM to Peace is full of humor, inspiration, and real-life ups and downs. Delving into this brand-new "Chick Lit" compilation, you'll find stories about infertility, depression, churchiness versus godliness, and much, much more! And as if the trip weren't unpredictable enough, our 60's alter-egos, Starshine and Pepper, provide wacky, wise, and sometimes-poignant sidebars.

The reason for the journey? To remind women in this chaotic world that Jesus is the only REAL roadmap to peace, and that with God, we can ALL be groovy!

So if you're in a groovy mood – or if you just need to laugh – set aside your cares, and let the Groovy Chicks drive you from fear to faith, from hurt to healing, and from chaos to contentment!

And who better to take you on the road than two crazy, God-fearing hippies? So pack your bags and hop in the VW Bus!

February 17, 2006

Elizabeth Brundage,

Latest Book – The Doctor’s Wife


"Lydia Haas has devoted herself to Jesus, her church, and her husband. Only recently, now that it's too late, has she understood how much she has sacrificed to all of them." "Michael Knowles is a rising young doctor, an ob-gyn at a prominent hospital. He is a man committed to his principles, to rescues with uncertain outcomes, and to his wife and the life they've made. He never intended to have to make a choice." "Annie Knowles is the "doctor's wife."

The first time she walked into their 1812 Federal-style home in High Meadow, an idyllic town in upstate New York, she thought she'd be happy there forever. But that dream wore thin, and another man – a colleague at the local college where Annie teaches – is insinuating himself slowly, surely, passionately into her life." Simon Haas's paintings of his wife, Lydia – dating from when she was a child – made him famous, and infamous. The story behind those paintings, and behind his marriage, is not one Simon chooses to tell. Until he meets Annie Knowles.

February 24, 2006

Deborah Ribis,

Latest Book – Get Back On Your Feet! What Every Injured and Ill Person Needs to Know


This book is intended to provide each person with the tools they will need to interact with the healthcare, insurance, legal, and rehabilitation industry when a medical, disability, or workers' compensation claim is filed.

Every provider should be working as a part of a multidisciplinary system, with the goal of maximizing each patients' medical outcomes. When the various members of the healthcare team act within their own vacuum, the care and outcomes for the individual patient are compromised. Get Back On Your Feet! is a comprehensive guide which aids anyone seeking care within the system. It gives each person the opportunity to have the information they will need to obtain the maximum benefits afforded to them under each system. It also provides guidance to aid the individual when obstacles and problems hinder their progress or threaten their overall well-being.

This book has been written by a seasoned professional registered nurse with over twenty-three years of experience dealing with the emergency and critical healthcare, workers' compensation, disability, case management, and insurance systems.

Since we all experience injury or illness at some point in life, this book is a must-have addition to your home library.

Writing Tips of the Month

Three Tips on How to Improve Your Writing Skills.

The most important thing to discover with regards to writing is your "style." How do we find our style, know our style, or realize, if and when we have a writing style?

  1. Finding your style – This comes from many things, however, reading as much as possible is high on the list. Your style can be a combination of those writers that you love to dream about.  Style also comes from your upbringing, your life’s experiences and your beliefs.

  2. Knowing your style – Give family and friends samples of your writing and get their opinion on what they feel you are good at writing about and their thoughts on your writing style.

  3. Do you have a writing style yet? – Don’t worry, your readers will let you know what they enjoy about your writing. Just be yourself and let your "self" enter whatever you write and there, you will find your talents and hidden potential.

Happy Reading and Writing!

If you'd like to share a writing tip of your own,
please email us at:

Three Sites For For Blogs About Writing

Blogging is a very popular way for writers to practice their skill, connect with readers, and publicize their writing (ahem, you can check out our new blog at WordPress or Blogger and there are plenty of blogs out there about the business of writing. Here are a few to check out for good industry information.

  1. A Newbie’s Guide to Publishing

    This is written by author Joe Konrath, who keeps a blog as he works his way through a three book deal with Hyperion. It offers a good insiders view of publishing.

  2. Miss Snark, the literary agent

    This is written by an anonymous literary agent and really tells it like it is. And then some. J

  3. Southern Comfort

    This is author Karin Gillespie’s blog about writing and being an author. Karin always has a ton of helpful info for authors, including topics like book signings and promotion ideas.

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