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Mom Writer's Talk Radio Newsletter
December 2005

Welcome to the December issue of the Mom Writer’s Talk Radio Newsletter!

We would like to extend a warm welcome to all of our new subscribers – thanks for joining us! We have very exciting interviews lined up for you this month. If you want us to interview someone in particular, please let us know. We are always open to suggestions. Remember to keep writing through the holidays – it may be the only way for us to keep our sanity!

No matter what holiday you celebrate, we hope it is a happy and joyous one!


Paula Schmitt and Alana Morales

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Good Luck!

Our Authors This Month…

  • Christine Louise Hohlbaum
  • Shirley Jump
  • Kathryn Mahoney
  • Julie Watson Smith
  • Pam Leo

December 2, 2005

Christine Louise Hohlbaum,

Latest book – Diary of a Mother

Because many authors have a notoriously low cash flow, Hohlbaum has designed a product to fully answer the question, “What do I do now?” once the author’s book is published.

The Author’s Companion shows you how to market your book cost-effectively. The self-guided course is broken down into four parts, each segment designed to build on the other with cross-references to her four-part audio series in which Hohlbaum interviews several best-selling authors to tackle the topic of effective book promotion.

~ from the Christine Louise Hohlbaum's website

December 9, 2005

Shirley Jump,

Latest Book – The Angel Craved Lobster

In THE ANGEL CRAVED LOBSTER, exotic food and a no-strings attached hunk top Meredith Shordon's I-want list when she heads for Boston to experience big city life. Reformed party animal Travis Campbell won't be tempted—until he meets the determined Indiana farm girl and realizes taking a bite of temptation only leaves him wanting more.

~ from Shirley Jump's site

December 16, 2005

Latest Book – Cracked at Birth: One Madcap Mom's Thoughts on Motherhood, Marriage And Burnt Meatloaf

Kathryn Mahoney was undeniably "cracked at birth" and we're glad! Join her as she shares her hysterical personal essays on everything from giving birth to a kitchen, to surviving the slings and arrows of outrageous toddlers. It's a wild ride through parenting, marriage, and chaos you'll never forget.

About the Author
Once upon a time, in a faraway land, there lived a woman...

She was a stay-at-home mom to two crazy little boys, wife to a busy man, and owner of her own marketing communications business.

In order to escape the chaos, she had come to know as life, she started to write about it. Soon her "cracked" way of looking at things became a column, and now a book!


December 23, 2005

Julie Watson Smith,

Latest Book – Mommyhood Diaries: Living the Chaos One Day at a Time

Part journal, part date book, Mommyhood Diaries: Living the Chaos One Day at a Time is a unique motherhood companion that illuminates the common bonds and diversity of motherhood through a collection of 100 day in the life diaries. Like a reality show on motherhood, Mommyhood Diaries reveals how moms spend their day inside-out. We are given the opportunity to peer into their daily activities and their most intimate thoughts and – what they love and don't about their children, partners, jobs and lives. Mommyhood Diaries is an inspiring and captivating look at motherhood for moms from all walks of life!


December 30, 2005

Pam Leo,

Latest Book – Connection Parenting: Parenting through Connection instead of Coercion...Through Love instead of Fear

Connection Parenting is about providing parents with information about:

  • children's biological and emotional needs for a healthy strong parent-child bond
  • how that vital bond has been weakened by the modern ways we now birth and care for children in our culture
  • providing information for expectant and new parents about protecting the birth bond and maintaining a strong connection, from the beginning, by returning to natural birth, breastfeeding, carrying babies, and keep babies in close human contact
  • providing information for parents of older children about how we can meet their need for a strong parent-child connection in today's hectic, disconnected lifestyle.

Writing Tips of the Month

Read More

What you read influences how you write and can become your teacher without your being aware of it. For example, if you read Great Expectations before writing, you will probably start to sound similar to Charles Dickens. Of course the same goes if you read Teen People.

Reading is also a great way to conquer writer’s block. Reading helps exercise your mind and get your ideas moving again. Of course, a great way to prevent writer’s block is to write more.

Write More

You've heard it before, but this advice never gets old: practice makes perfect. The more writing you do, the better you'll get. And as your skills improve, so will your enjoyment. Here are a few tips you might want to consider:

  • Keep a journal of your thoughts and the events of the day
  • Start an ezine on topics important to you
  • Write letters to the editor of the magazines and newspapers you read

When you're in the habit of writing – no matter what kind of writing it is – then getting started on a writing project will come more easily to you.

If you'd like to share a writing tip of your own,
please email us at:

Three Sites For For Writing Through the Holidays

Well, the holidays are officially upon us and with them come extra stress. Here are a few sites to help you keep writing and keep your sanity...

  1. Bella Online – Making Time to Write This Holiday Season

    This article offers suggestions to keep up with your writing through this crazy time of year.

  2. Writer’s Digest – Christmas Journals

    This article offers suggestions for keeping a Christmas journal.

  3. How to Write a Holiday Tale that Isn't a Turkey
    How to Write a Holiday Tale that Isn't a Turkey

    This article offers ideas about writing a holiday tale.

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