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Mom Writer's Talk Radio Newsletter
April 2006

Hi everyone! 

Happy Spring! 

We hope you are making ways to find time for writing. If you are in a funk, go out and buy some new pens or a new journal and sit outside for a spell. Remember, you can’t be a writer if you don’t write. 

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Our Authors This Month…

  • Elodia Tate
  • Leah Stewart
  • Kristie Tamsevicius
  • Stacey Kannenberg

April 7, 2006

Elodia Tate,

Latest Book – Open My Eyes, Open My Soul


Open My Eyes, Open My Soul is a poignant collection of stories and poems about the human family and the challenges and triumphs of overcoming racism and strengthening our connections. With contributions from human rights advocates, celebrities, and writers from all walks of life, Open My Eyes, Open My Soul features writing from: Muhammad Ali, Maya Angelou, Rev. Michael Beckwith, Robert Kennedy, Margaret Cho, Dr. Bernie Siegel, Stevie Wonder.

April 14, 2006

Leah Stewart,

Latest Book – The Myth of You and Me


When Cameron was fifteen, Sonia was her best friend—no one could come between them. Now Cameron is a twenty-nine-year-old research assistant with no meaningful ties to anyone except her aging boss, noted historian Oliver Doucet.

When an unexpected letter arrives from Sonia ten years after the incident that ended their friendship, Cameron doesn’t reply, despite Oliver's urging. But then he passes away, and Cameron discovers that he has left her with one final task: to track Sonia down and hand deliver a mysterious package to her. Now without a job, a home, and a purpose, Cameron decides to honor this request, setting off on the road to find this stranger who was once her inseparable other half.

The Myth of You and Me is the story of Cameron and Sonia's friendship—as intense as any love affair—and its dramatic demise, capturing the universal sense of loss and nostalgia that often lingers after the end of an important relationship. Searingly honest, beautiful, and full of fragile urgency, The Myth of You and Me is a universal celebration and portrait of a friendship that will appeal to anyone who still feels the absence of that first true friend.

April 21, 2006

Kristie Tamsevicius,

Latest Book – I LOVE MY LIFE: A Mom's Guide to Working from Home


For aspiring entrepreneurs, this book includes everything you need to know about starting and succeeding in a home business that puts you in charge of your future!

Moms shouldn't even think of starting your home-based business without this book! After reading just a few pages of this book, you will see why would-be entrepreneurs flock to Kristie Tamsevicius for business advice. With a writing style that's as motivational as it is grounded in practical business advice, I LOVE MY LIFE is a fast and easy read bursting with insights and resources, hundreds and hundreds of them, for starting up and operating a profit center from your own home. Both aspiring business owners and established entrepreneurs alike will save so much time and avoid so many mistakes. It covers every aspect of starting a business from finding your passion, to setting up a website, to understanding the financials, to writing a strategic marketing plan. Business owners will learn how to move from a start up to a fully automated business by controlling over-head, managing their time, and creating a passive income. The hands on tools, checklists and concrete solutions set it apart from the other fluff and "inspirational" home business books on the market.

April 28, 2006

Stacey Kannenberg,

Latest Book – Let's Get Ready for First Grade!


Let’s Get Ready For First Grade! Finally a book that's geared to the First Grader that's easy to read and comprehensive! Learn about everything in the First Grade curriculum from the three branches of government, the solar system, addition, subtraction, and punctuation to vowel sounds. A first-rate book for every First Grader!

Writing Tips of the Month

The Top Five Strategies for Writing When You Do Not Have the Space:

  1. If you do not have an office, settle for a corner – Set up a table or desk in a quiet corner in your home.  Nothing fancy, just a spot where you can sit and write. Find a time when others are either asleep or away from the home, that way you can be sure there are no interruptions. 

  2. Erect a visual boundary around your space – Others are less likely to interrupt you if they can’t see you.  A screen or sheet hung from the ceiling can provide some privacy and eliminate visual distractions.  Play soft music or use earplugs to block out sounds.

  3. Consider working outside the home, like at a café or a restaurant- You may find that this works best for you. Go in the morning, or after the lunch rush.

  4. Use the library – It’s free and it is very quiet. What more could you want?!

  5. Be creative – A lack of space should never be an excuse not to write. Carry a notebook or laptop with you wherever you go and write whenever you have a spare moment – while waiting at an appointment, while at your child’s sports practice, or even at a park on your lunch hour. You’d be surprised at how much you could get done writing a little at a time!

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Three Sites For Developing Plot

If you want to write a novel, you need a good plot. Without it, you aren’t encouraging readers to get involved in your story. Here are three good resources for developing plot in your stories.

  1. Beyond the Basics: Creating the Professional Plot Outline

    This is a GREAT resource for any writer. Lisle has a plethora of articles to help most writing ailments. This one in particular deals with building a story arc.

  2. Thickening the Plot

    This informative article focuses on helping the writer determine where they want their story to go by asking some very important questions about the story and the goal of the writer.

  3. Writing: Plot and Story

    Normally I probably wouldn’t suggest something with Kung Fu Monkey in the title, and I wouldn’t suggest something that debates about plot between TV writing and fiction writing, but I think there are some really good points in this article. And, how many times do you ever get to type Kung Fu Monkey in the same sentence?

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