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Interview with
Elizabeth Yarnell


  Welcome to Mom Writer's Talk Radio with your hosts Paula Schmitt and Alana Morales!  We are an internet radio talk show for mom writers who have something to say.


Mom Writer’s Talk Radio is an online talk show which airs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week around the globe and features mom writers and authors.  At Mom Writers Talk Radio our mission is to unite moms who write and give them the credit they deserve.  Every week we talk with your favorite mom authors, discuss their latest work, talk about how the writing process works for them, and share their secrets on balancing a hectic schedule while writing and raising a family.


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We publish a new show every Friday.  You can listen anytime by clicking on the "Listen Now" button above!  If you have a pop-up stopper, you may need to give permission for a new window to open.



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Virginia G. Rosenberg

review of a writing service

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